Letter: Poor reporting

Ntokozo Mcineka ka Makamu’s letter (Our own worst enemy, January 19) was very good as today’s journalists publicise far too much sensationalism instead of the main problems.

These journalists should be taken to task for also saying Trump is a racist when he bad-mouthed Africa and Haiti. If he was racist he would have included other black countries such as Jamaica etc.

Our journalists are just as bad when they said in an incident in which people of different colours had road rage was racist without mentioning road rage! Trump calls this fake news. I call it distorted news.

The Courier reported that I was angry for having to pay about R100 extra for my vehicle licence by having to travel to KwaDukuza and back when the car licence computer at Salt Rock was out of operation for about a month (System woes cause licencing fury, August 18, 2017).

This resulted in people in Ballito and surrounding areas having to travel to KwaDukuza to purchase their car licence thereby travelling numerous kilometres using fossil fuels and resulting in South Africa having purchased and imported more costly oil.

The vehicle licencing management should have been taken to task for not getting their computer repaired quicker – again poor management and poor reporting.



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