North Coast holidaymakers ignore beach closure notices

Hundreds of holidaymakers have been flocking to the beaches, ignoring lifeguards and closure notices telling them the beaches are off limits.

Last week KwaDukuza municipality announced a ban on swimming at public beaches across the North Coast, closed public pools and advised people not to gather in large crowds.

This was part of the municipality’s steps to reduce the spread of the Covid-19.

Lifeguard superintendent Bongani Xulu said it was mostly holidaymakers who were breaking the rules.

He said lifeguards had to call police to remove uncooperative beachgoers.

“We are calling on everyone to please stay away from the beaches. Firstly it was only swimming not allowed, but since people do not want to listen, it’s better we tell them not to be at the beach, they must stay home,” said Xulu.

A resident told the Courier that it was not that the holidaymakers were not aware of the rules, but they were just ignoring them.

“They said police should worry about the malls and other areas as the sea will wash away the virus, which is not true. They asked to be left alone because they were enjoying their holiday,” he said.

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