Health Matters, we’re here for you Ballito

True healthcare is recognising the individual needs of a patient and treating them not only physically but mentally and emotionally too.

This is the core value and message of Health Matters; a new, fresh and dynamic medical practice but with some familiar faces.

Located in the heart of Ballito, conveniently across the road from Ashton School and the Lifestyle Centre, in the Regency building.

“We strive to fulfil the individual needs of patients and that is why we offer a range of skills within our team. We wanted to start something fresh and energetic, and have gone completely paperless, modern and holistic. We are contracted into most medical aids too and offer competitive prices,” said Dr Melize de Villiers, founder of Health Matters and a GP in Ballito for 6 years.

To stay involved with the Ballito community, something which Dr Melize said is especially important to them, Health Matters will host ongoing educational talks to encourage people to live healthy, active, full lives.

“In short, we are here to walk the wellness journey with our community.”

The team includes Dr Melize de Villiers and Dr Tess Blignaut, who share bubbly personalities and are known for their caring nature in seeing to the needs of Ballito women and children.

They are part of the local running club and are both Comrades runners.

Their male counterpart, Dr Warren Deeves, who found his calling later in life and with two degrees under his belt, has a special interest in geriatric medicine.

Lisa Grant-Stuart, a psychologist in Ballito for over 10 years, trained in current neurotherapies and supervisor in international neurotherapy, is top in her game!

She treats adolescents and adults and will soon be adding a new member to the team to treat children.

“Together, the team is ready to meet the needs of all members of your family” said Dr de Villiers, who added that their services include chronic health care, pap smears, childhood vaccinations, Vitality checks, sports medicine, geriatrics, Basic Life Support Training, online consults, house calls, sport massage therapy, mental health care, visiting specialists and a yummy Nespresso in the waiting room.

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have strict regulations at the practice to make it a safe environment for the community to still visit us to care for their other medical needs. We also offer online consults and house calls during this time”.

“We look forward to meeting you and making you feel at home with us, where your Health Matters!”.

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