It’s game on at Curro Mount Richmore, where sport and academics meet

It’s all about the balance between mind and body at Curro Mount Richmore.

Every learner is given the chance to shine academically and sport-wise with some of the best teachers on the North Coast ready to look after their needs.

Curro Mount Richmore believes in the importance of finding the balance between sport and education.

According to academics head of phase, Mike Fischer, this approach has allowed them to instil in learners the confidence to excel both on the field and in the classroom.

“With our learner-centred approach, learners have an opportunity to explore and investigate themes and topics on their own in order to come up with their own solutions,” says Mr Fischer, who adds that this is the exact thing any parent would want for their child, a means of freely exploring opportunities in a safe way.

Head of Phase, Mike Fischer.

This method has continued to work throughout the years, allowing students to continue growing.

Echoing the message of a healthy body, healthy mind, Curro Mount Richmore teachers Naida de Paiva (natural science), Alex McIvor (mathematics) and Mike van Buuren (head of primary school sport) say that they’ve never been more passionate about teaching.

But where does this balance start?

“We believe in sport because it helps to develop skills which can help learners in life – mental and physical strength, teamwork, conflict management, friendships and problem solving.

“This balance also teaches learners the necessity of perseverance and how to stick with something they find difficult, until the end,” says Mr van Buuren, who adds that the school will soon be introducing a golf programme as a new sport offer.

This balance has endless opportunities for your child to continue building a name for themselves on and off the field.

“Education is about developing the child to become a better all-round person and leader.

“Through this approach, children have more ground to represent their school,” says Mr van Buuren, who lives by the words ‘you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start in order to be great’.

Moving from the field to the classroom, Mrs de Paiva and Mr McIvor say that just as sport has real-life day-to-day uses, so do natural science and mathematics.

“Mathematics can be difficult for some, but I’ve got what we call the ‘imagination station’.

Through a mix of creative ideas, mental connections and a fun learning environment, we’ve made it easier for learners to understand mathematics,” says Mr McIvor.

The school uses the Brombacher method of teaching mathematics.

Brombacher and Associates is a consultancy in the field of mathematics education, founded in 2003 by Aarnout Brombacher, a mathematics teacher and leader in South African mathematics education.

Mr McIvor concludes that mathematics can be a subject any student enjoys.

All they sometimes need is a bit of one-on-one teaching which the school is very willing to offer.

In natural science, the school applies the CAPS curriculum – lessening the administrative workload of teachers, freeing them up to focus more on teaching learners.

Mathematics teacher Alex McIvor and natural science teacher, Nadia de Paiva.

CAPS also provides teachers with a detailed guideline of what to teach and are assessed on a grade-by-grade and subject-by-subject basis.

“I had a teacher who made natural science fun and exciting.

“I wanted to do the same for others which is why I got involved in teaching,” says Mrs de Paiva.

Mathematics teacher Alex McIvor and natural science teacher, Nadia de Paiva.

She believes that learning about everything around you and how it works, makes it fun to explore the world.

“Learners are introduced to a problem-inquired learning style, where they are given the opportunity to become more independent, building confidence,” says Mrs de Paiva.

Both teachers agree that the mix between sport and education is vital and allows learners to grow in different areas than what the classroom can offer.

“As teachers, we also get to know learners in a different way than in the classroom.

“Sport in any form helps learners to focus on something else and offers the brain new information to process and develop.”

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