Curro Mount Richmore wants to bring out the best in your child

Family values, a passion for education and the ultimate aim of producing young, quality adults ready for the world.

This is the goal Curro Mount Richmore has in mind when teaching and instilling values in learners, while also allowing them to grow and become who they truly are.

Head of Foundation Phase, Mandie Coetzee says that she loved going to school as a child, so why not make sure that today’s learners also love going to school?

“At Curro we are all about family. One of our main focuses is building strong relationships – among staff, learners and parents.

“Communication is a key factor in building those relationships. We have an open-door policy, encourage conversations in being pro-active and open-minded. Together we are so much stronger, so we need to engage in a meaningful, positive way to strengthen those relationships throughout the school,” she says.

Head of Foundation Phase, Mandie Coetzee.

Grade R teacher, Mrs Pachon believes that lasting student-teacher relationships of trust and foundation skills development are required for children to excel.

“Grade R is a very important year in forming a solid foundation in preparation for Grade 1. It can be seen as a child’s first formal year of education, the majority of it being play-based but extremely vital in developing fine and gross motor skills.”

These skills also help prepare children for reading and writing, says Mrs Pachon.

The transformation of each child in a year, she says, is so evident.

To watch them grow and improve each term is just the greatest pleasure and reminds her to appreciate the little things in life.

Grade R teacher, Tanya Pachon.

Bringing out the best in learners and giving them a platform and audience to build character and confidence is the goal of Culture and Afrikaans teacher, Miss Coetzee.

From a family of educators, Miss Coetzee says the most wonderful thing for a teacher is seeing the learning process develop before your eyes.

“You get to watch them take in what you are teaching, processing it and then of course the ‘light bulb moment’ when you see in their eyes that they understand. It is such an amazing experience.”

While Miss Coetzee also teaches Afrikaans, she has found her absolute passion in the performing arts.

“Working with children daily, one realises the importance of culture and performing arts in a child’s life. Many students find it difficult to communicate their feelings at first, often feeling too shy to express themselves.”

But no more, if she can help it!

“Using the different aspects of our school’s creative syllabus, children explore ways to express themselves. This gives them confidence and the tools to function properly in society.”

Children are empowered to bring out the best in themselves and to work in teams to bring a performance to life.

Through a number of activities, including role-play and discussions, learners are able to understand that problems are multidimensional and may have more than one possible solution, says Miss Coetzee.

Culture and Grade 3 Afrikaans teacher, Alicia Coetzee.

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Curro Mount Richmore : Our SOP's from 1 June 2020

At Curro Mount Richmore we can't wait to have our learners back and have taken great steps in ensuring their safety while in our care. We hope you enjoy the video we made!

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