Reach your child’s full potential with Curro Mount Richmore

Knowing who you are and what you want to achieve is the first step towards reaching your life-long goals.

Curro Mount Richmore aims to not only offer learners the best possible education, but guide them through their challenging high school and teenage years.

One teacher who has taken on the role of mother-away-from-home, is not only loved and respected across the school but also embodies the school’s ‘your family is our family’ ethos.

Life Orientation teacher Merheza O’Brien teaches children how to explore their emotions and helps them mature into young, successful adults.

“At Curro our curriculum balances academic excellence with sports and culture, developing learners into well-rounded individuals who are able to compete at an international level.”

A critical part of that curriculum is the school’s approach to Life Orientation.

“I give my learners the opportunity to find their voice in a safe space with no judgement,” says O’Brien, who has more than 30 years’ experience in teaching.

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But O’Brien is not the only teacher making a difference in the classroom.

With a team of skilled teachers who are passionate about what they do, Curro Mount Richmore is focused on inspiring and motivating learners to reach their full potential.

Head of High School Academics, Prindha Francis.

Head of High School Academics, Prindha Francis believes in instilling good manners, respect and leadership qualities in learners.

“We are paving the way to a better and brighter future for your child, by encouraging an inclusive approach to education,” she says.

With a team of experienced teachers who are passionate about what they do, Curro Mount Richmore offer hybrid teaching allowing for traditional teaching of learners in the classroom and remote teaching of learners at home.

Mrs Francis who was appointed Head of Academics in 2019, is passionate about academics and ensures that all academic activities are well coordinated, and learners’ goals are achieved.

“We treat every learner as if they are our own. Learners’ needs are diverse, and we try to understand them as individuals in order to encourage them to do their best,” she says.

The Curro Mount Richmore High School has a variety of unique offers such as Visual Arts, Advanced Programme Mathematics, Culture and an Outreach Club to mention but a few.

“Our learners are inspired to produce outstanding art pieces, jaw-dropping theatrical performances while still connecting with our local community to uplift those around us.”

Junior Mathematics teacher, Carlo Rabbolini.

Grade 8 and 9 Mathematics teacher, Carlo Rabbolini says that although it is a humbling thought, he knows that teachers can make a lifelong impression on their learners.

“I feel privileged to help direct learners into their preferred subjects. I always encourage them to work smart and diligently, especially in grade 10 as it is their foundation for the matric year.”

“By integrating God into the lives of our learners, we give them the opportunity to understand who they are and why they have been created thus channeling their full potential.”

Grade 8 English teacher Shevani Sumare.

Passionate about poetry and literature, Grade 8 English teacher Shevani Sumare says she aims to awaken the imagination of her learners, drawing inspiration from the words: ‘If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life’.

“The level of performance and enthusiasm of our learners really speaks to the values of our school,” she says.

Curro Mount Richmore embodies and strives for academic excellence whilst allowing the learners to express themselves.

We encourage a learner centred approach to teaching as this will develop life-long learning and independent problem-solving skills.

The Grade 8 English curriculum is outlined in the CAPS document and consists of various modules such as reading, creative writing, oral presentations and language development.

Learners have seamlessly adjusted to the transition from primary into high school depicting a keen sense of understanding and involvement.

“This is all thanks to the loving support from the Curro Mount Richmore staff and academic leaders who provide the best academic experience possible,” says Mrs Sumare.

In essence, the family of teachers at Curro Mount Richmore are focused on inspiring and motivating learners to reach their full potential

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To learn more about Curro Mount Richmore call 087 285 1671 or email or visit their Facebook page.

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