Letter: Wasting electricity

Zahir Danbar of Salt Rock writes:

After 18 months of complaining to the municipality about the many, many streetlights burning during the day in my road, Gail Road, finally in February the globe/s burnt out.

We complained many times again about no streetlights burning.

After the Courier did a report on this, in the first week of August KDM replaced the globes but did not replace the photo cell that switches the streetlights on at night and off in the day, leaving the lights burning 24/7.

My question is, can KDM staff fix the simple 3 wire streetlights without blaming apartheid and the white man or white farmer or ageing infrastructure?

Now many streetlights burn 24 hours in Ballito, Salt Rock, Tinley Manor, Blythedale, Stanger and surrounding areas, wasting electricity while we go through loadshedding.