Repair damaged cells and maintain a strong immune system with superfood colostrum

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has never been as easy as this, with the latest health innovation being viewed as the ‘mother’s milk’ of the nutrition industry.

From repairing damaged cells, to reinforcing your body with the vital nutrients needed to build and maintain a strong immune system, Ballito-based New Image International wellness consultant, Prema Naidoo has what you need.

Colostrum Shape Up – a meal replacement shake – is made from the pre-milk fluid all female mammals provide for their infants in the first few days after birth.

New Image International consultant, Prema Naidoo.

It is also a quick, convenient and easy meal alternative to unhealthy snacks or meals, and serves as a great source of protein.

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But why does this matter, and why do you need Colostrum Shape Up?

“Waiting until you get sick to do something about it is never a good idea,” says Prema.

Too often we allow our bodies to slip into a state of poor health and nutrition, negatively affecting our immune health and general well-being leaving our body’s natural defences vulnerable.

This, she says, can lead to a leaky gut. This is a digestive condition in which bacteria and toxins are able to ‘leak’ through the intestinal wall. Common symptoms include fatigue and bloating.

“Don’t wait for symptoms, live healthier today. Leaky gut without proper care will further open the doorway for germs and bad bacteria to damage your immune health,” she says.

Available in two flavours – delicious berries and cream and indulgent chocolate fudge – these shakes contain 22 essential vitamins and minerals, and are packed full of antioxidants.

“People will also be happy to know that colostrum is virtually lactose free and even assists with healthy weight-loss.”

For more information, contact Prema at 079 694 7893.