Licence disc renewal queues got you down? Renew online now!

The North Coast Courier is taking the hassle out of renewing your vehicle licence by making this service conveniently available on our website.

Skip the queues, unreliable systems and the pondering of how much cash to bring.

In four easy steps your car licence will be delivered to your door within 5 to 10 working days.

The service is fast, efficient and hassle-free and is made possible through a partnership between the Courier and Caxton local media with

Wordsmiths managing director (parent company of The North Coast Courier), Pieter Naudé recently used the online service and said not only did he find it simple and convenient, but that he was constantly kept up-to-date on the progress of his application via SMS.

“Not only would I recommend this service to everyone who needs to renew their car licence, but I would use it again,” he said.

For countless people needing to stand in a queue at their local licencing department means taking a day – or 2 – off work, adding further stress in their already busy lives.

This does not have to be you ever again, as you can now renew your licence from the comfort of your home for a fee of only R199.

The R199 fee includes the service cost as well as courier cost – it does not include the cost of the car licence.

The system is able to calculate the cost if your licence is late and renew company vehicle licences.

You would still need to provide standard car licence renewal documents when renewing for a personal car:

• Proof of address, & A copy of your ID; and,

•A clear image of your current licence disc.

Do you want to renew a car licence for a company vehicle? Get ready to have your socks blown off, because this can be done as well.

You would need to have with you:

• A clear image of your current licence disc,

• Copy of the proxy’s ID,

• Proof of company address,

• CK Document; and,

• Proxy’s letter.

The four easy steps to renewing your car licence:

1. Visit CarLicense here.

2. Fill in basic details, delivery address and pay through a secure payment gateway.

3. Email your documents.

4. Receive your licence within 5 to 10 working days, delivered to your door.