WATCH: Gravid African python looking to lay eggs at Ballito

Video footage recently shared on social media showed a 3.5m python sliding along the perimeter fence of The Dunes complex in Ballito.

An IPSS Electronic Security guard had been patrolling the perimeter when he stumbled upon the snake and filmed it.

The video has since gone wild on social media platforms.

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Speaking to the Courier, Ndlondlo Reptile Park snake catcher, Neville Wolmarans said that on reviewing the footage which he had been sent to him more than 100 times, he believed the python to be gravid and in search of a safe place to lay her eggs.

African Rock Pythons are widely feared, though they very rarely kill humans.

Although the snake is not endangered, it does face threats from habitat reduction and hunting.

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Wolmarans urged residents to contact him should they spot the python so that she may be captured and relocated safely.

Contact Neville Wolmarans at 082 56 14 969.